Media Blitz
Los Angeles, California
January 1984

Cavity (First Communion)
Romeo's Distress

Rozz Williams: Vocals
Gitane Demone: Keyboard, Vocals
Valor Kand: Guitar
Constance Smith: Bass
David Glass: Drums

Official Release:
'Death Club' - CLP-1453-2 Cleopatra Records

Media Blitz was a Los Angeles-based show broadcast on public access. Video footage was professionally shot and exists in a private collection. The footage released on "Death Club" and through various resouces such as You Tube are second, third or more generations removed from the original footage. Christian Death lip syncs their performance to the material from "Only Theatre Of Pain". The two songs are followed by an interview of the entire band. Late in 2010, it was discovered that test footage existed from the original recording lending credence to the long-held belief that high-quality recordings of the original broadcast still exist.