Whisky A Go-Go
Los Angeles, California
31 October, 1981


Rozz Williams: Vocals
Rikk Agnew: Guitar
James McGearty: Bass
George Belanger: Drums

Official Release:
'Heavens and Hells V.1' - HA19.1 Happiest Tapes On Earth
  Desperate Hell, Deathwish, Skeleton Kiss, Burnt Offering, Resurrection (Sixth Communion)
'The Iron Mask' - CLEO57514, CLEO57511 Cleopatra Records
  Burnt Offerings
'The Doll's Theatre' - CLEO62082 Cleopatra Records
'Halloween (Live October 31, 1981)' - CLP-2860 Cleopatra Records
'Halloween 1981' - CLP2202 Cleopatra Records
'Live At The Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles, October 31st, 1981' - RRSCV004 Radiation Reissues

Notes: Despite countless and ongoing releases stating otherwise, there is no evidence of a Christian Death performance on 31 October, 1981. The material released has been matched digitally to the 13 November, 1981 performance; and has also been traded among fans with using the 30 October, 1981 concert. Collectors have been unable to locate a flyer, or photo that would corroborate that this concert took place. Speculation as to the origin of the show ranges from mistakes made either by Happiest Tapes On Earth, or Cleopatra Records... or a simple desire to add mystique and lore to the Christian Death legacy by manufacturing a Halloween perfomance by the deathrock legends in their primal beginnings.